Board Members

ST VITAL BOARD 2023-2024

Executive Officers Elected
President Clifton Dorge
VP Operatons Mike Miekle
VP Direct Entery Trevor Gluck
VP Female Hockey Bryn Saunders
VP Parent Relations Ron Parent
VP Evaluations/Development Daryl Capstick
VP West Hockey Brett Finlayson
VP AA Ryan Haney
Registrar Barb Landon
Board Members Elected
Director of Officials Ron Klippenstein
Director of Publicity Krista Richards
Director of Equipment Erik Sears
SVMHA Member At Large Evaluations and Development Ben Mitchel
SVMHA Member-at-Large Direct Entry Jeff Kobe
SVMHA Member-at-Large Female Hockey Natalie Craig
SVMHA- Member-at-Large West League Clarke Heynen
SVMHA - Member at Large AA Kevin Robins
Tyler Stewart
Appointed Members from Community Centres
Director Dakota Lazers Mark Antunes
Dakota Lazers Member at Large Mark Spencer
Director Glenwood Bruins Jeff Strome
Glenwood Bruins Member at Large Coralie Charbonneu
Director Greendell Falcons Perry Gilmour
Greendell Falcons Member at Large
Director Norberry-Glenlee Andrew Fiala
Norberry Glennlee Member at Large Carmel Remillard
Director Windsor Warriors Mike Mielke
Windsor Warriors Member at Large
General Members Appointed By SVMHA Board
Convenor – U7 Travis Davidson
Convenor – U9 Ben Mitchell
Referee-In-Chief Reg Leglace
Referee Assigner Joyce Webinger
Timekeeper-in-Chief Ron Klippenstine
Executive Director SVMHA/ Arena Admin Manager Scott Wiley
Arena Operations Manager Rick Andre