Pre Season Skates..  SVMHA is offering non contact scrimage sessions to allow our U18s not attneding AA/AAA or highschool camps the chance to skate.

Starting on Sept 8th   Cost is $80.00.  Goaltenders are free (Please email Scott at




A Hockey Route

If you intend play A hockey out of SVMHA, there will be a registration for U18s opening in Mid October after the AAA and Highschool programs are into team formation.

U18 Hockey has both contact and Non Contact divisions.  You will be asked to declare where you wish to play.  Due to the nature of the age group some players may be moved to other associations to form teams.

To allow our U18s to begin skating we will be organizing a Fall Scrimmage series open to U18 players not attending Junior or AAA r AA tryouts.


Highschool Route

If you are intending on playing Highschool hockey – You will not register with SVMHA, but you are welcome to join the scrimmages mentioned above.

Should you be released from your Highschool team you may then register with SVMHA for A Hockey or AA.


AAA/AA Route

If you are tryout for AAA r AA, you must go to the Hockey Canada registration and complete a AAA/AA Tryout Registration ticket.

You will then need to go to the AAA/AA Bruins and signup for their tryouts.

  1. Should you be released from AAA/AA  we will accept your registration at that time .
  2. Should you be released from AAA and then go to Highschool you will not need to register for the season with SVMHA
    1. Should you be released from you high school we will accept a registration at that time.