Fees 2024-2025 Registration Opens July 15

Payment Options will be explained on the Hockey Canada Registration Page.

Option are :  Pay in full or Pay in installments.


Co Ed U7 House   $ 565.00
U9 House*  $ 675.00*
U11   $ 820.00
U13  $ 780.00
U15  $ 830.00
U18  $ 830.00
Female U9 Chill *  $ 770.00 *
U11 Chill  $ 790.00
U13 Chill  $ 780.00
U15 Chill  $ 870..00
U18 Chill  $ 870.00

*Special Situations at U9

Females wanting to play U9 Co Ed house should register for Co Ed U9.

Those wanting to play with only females should register for U9 Chill


Co Ed players who are selected to a U9 A1 Teams will pay an additional    $185.00 upon team formation


A detailed explanation of the make up of the fees can be seen  on the Power point .....How are Fees Are Determined


Registration for the U18  Co Ed will not open until Highschool has complerted its selection.  Please refer to the U18 Program tab