Executive Committee

Vice President of AA Victorias - Ryan Haney

Assistant Vice President/Treasurer - Renae Dnes

Secretary - Jody Lafleche

Equipment/Apparel - Kristin Tomsic

Player/Coach Development - Trevor Hodnett

Female Hockey Director - Dennis Dufour

Ice Allocation - Kevin Robbins

Hockey Camps - Chris Morand

Members at Large

Derek Vandendriessche

The Association

The St Vital Minor Hockey Association was created in 1972, to administer hockey in our area, under the constitution of the Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association. St. Vital is located in the southeastern section of Winnipeg, with a population of about 60,000 people. Our association is comprised of five community centers: Dakota, Glenwood, Greendell, NGCC, and Windsor.

The Logo

Set on a black hockey puck background. The white letters "ST. V" are joined with the red "V" for "VICTORIAS". The positioning of the "V's" symbolizes the unity of the Junior Hockey Team with affiliated Community Clubs, the "AA" Vic teams, and the community in general. The white colour of the "ST.V" symbolizes the purity associated with the name "SAINT". The red "V" symbolizes the courage of the man who's confirmed honor promoted the name of the team. The flow action motion of the stylized letters symbolizes the spirit of the game of hockey.

The Vics Name

The St. Vital Victoria's were named in memory of company sergeant John Robert Osborn V.C. who displayed exceptional valor and courage in combat and was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously.