A Hockey At SVMHA


Big Changes to A Co ed Hockey

Hockey at all age levels above U9 is divided into categories intended to provide the player an opportunity to play at a skill level where they can fully participate.

In the past it looked like this:

U11 A3 A2 A1
U13 A3 A2 A1 AA
U15 A3 A2 A1 AA AAA City
U18 A3 A2 A1 AA AAA City AAA Prov


The belief was that having fewer divisions at the earlier ages still placed players in situations where they were competing at a disadvantage as fewer groups condensed players of different skill levels together.

Also, larger Hockey Associations were finding it difficult to create equally skilled teams at the same level as they had several teams to which they needed to distribute skill.

The new break down of divisions are:

U11 A3 A2 B A2 A A1 B A1 A
U13 A3 A2 B A2 A A1 AA
U15 A2 B A2 A A1 B A1 A AA AAA
U17 A2 B A2 A A1 B A1 A AA AAA
U18 Prov AAA


A2 is Non-Contact for both U15 and U18

Provincial AAA is open to all Players in the U18 age group, but 17 year olds who do make the Provincial teams can not play AAA.


Hockey Winnipeg Mandates how many teams we must enter in each category.

Expected Team Breakdown for SVMHA co ed program for the 2023-2024 Season including AA:

U11 A3 A2 B A2 A A1 B A1 A
2 2 1 2 2
U13 A3 A2 B A2 A A1 AA
1 2 2 1 2
U15 A2 B A2 A A1 B A1 A AA
1 2 2 2 1


There will be 2 U9 A1 teams

We can not determine the number or make up of U18 , until after AAA and High school endes and we open U18 registration